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NRP Seeks Review by NY Ct. of Appeals

On December 4, 2014, the Appellate Division of the NY Supreme Court rejected the appeal by the Nonhuman Rights Project (NRP) for a writ of habeas corpus it filed on behalf of a chimpanzee named Tommy. The Appellate Division ruled, as we suggested in our amicus brief, that Tommy is not a “person” entitled to a common law writ of habeas corpus because he is unable to bear duties or responsibilities under the law.

The NRP has now filed a motion requesting review of that decision by New York's highest court. Tommy's owner has until March 9 to reply. I plan to file an amicus brief with the New York Court of Appeals contending that the Appellate Division reached the right result and that NRP's petition for appeal should therefore be denied. Stay tuned...

Monkey in Tree

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